Stamberg Aferiat + Associates is a comprehensive design firm based in New York City. Stamberg Aferiat defies the predictable by synthesizing form, light, color and context into clear and compelling experiences. For three decades they have received widespread acclaim for projects that captivate global audiences and challenge the status quo in residential, hotel, commercial and cultural typologies. While remaining at the forefront of design conversation, Stamberg Aferiat’s work is bespoken to clients’ aspirations and realities. The result is an incomparable group of built works.

Projects challenged by working within existing conditions, Stamberg Aferiat’s projects include: the Frick Museum Pied-a-Terre, a sophisticated apartment conceived as a luxury hotel suite utilizing white marble, channel glass and a “spine” constructed in ebonized wood; the Gemini GEL at Joni Moisant Weyl Gallery, a luminous exhibition and viewing space showing work by the preeminent artists of our time; and the Saguaro Hotels in Scottsdale (Arizona) and Palm Springs (California) where their reintegration into the natural and cultural landscapes have reinvigorated their surrounding neighborhoods.

Within open landscapes, Stamberg Aferiat have also mounted triumphs: Sycamore Creek, a contemporary addition to a 200-year old farmhouse inspired by Japanese palaces; the Selby/Vail House, an interior and exterior re-envisioning of Edward Larabee Barnes’ mid-century personal residence, realized in painted cedar, steel, glass, corrugated aluminum and stained cherry; the Caan Barn, a fine expansion to Charles Gwathmey’s personal homestead rooted in traditional barn vocabulary; and the Shelter Island Pavilion, a sustainable Cubist re-examination of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion using steel framing with polycarbonate panels and corrugated metal on a concrete plinth. Special projects by Stamberg Aferiat include: the Salsa Sofa Collection in production by Knoll since 1994; an updated edition of their award-winning monograph published by Rizzolli, featuring essays by art and architecture icons Paul Goldberger, Joseph Rosa, David Hockney, Richard Meier and Charles Gwathmey; branded merchandise and graphic design for their hospitality clients; and exhibition design seen across the United States.

Design Team: Peter Stamberg, Paul Aferiat, Keith Tsang

Joshua Homer, John Schneider, Jasmit Rangr, Blake Goble, Michael Bardin, Michael Regan, Beatrice Witzgall, Kevin Estrada, Anna Portoghese, Nick Hines, Pierre Bonhomme, Jamie Meunier, Susan Scott, Robin Noble-Zolin, Lorenzo Meccoli, Jennifer Boyer, Adam Greene, Paola Sanguinetti, Joshua Lekwa, Hua Chai, Myungju Ko, Peiyu Ding, Todd Cossman, Kim Ackert, Alex Lorimer, Jose Villanova, Gonzalo Rodríguez Noé

Silman Structural Engineers/ Altieri Sebor Wîeber Consulting Engineer/ Severud Engineers