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Groupe JS asked us to create a New York City showroom that is as fresh and energetic as the modern clothing they produce. While drawn to our use of bold color, they were concerned that an overly colorful showroom might distract buyers from the vibrancy of their clothing lines. We faced this challenge by being judicious in palette and placement but not devoid of color or whimsy.

To take advantage of the showroom’s abundance of natural light, we created seven open meeting areas along two sides of the windowed-perimeter with a “Living Room” as the fulcrum. The meeting spaces are separated by cast resin panels suspended from the ceiling for privacy. The panels are covered in a dichroic film allowing the surfaces to be iridescent with colors that shift throughout the day.

The “Living Room” is a place where buyers can relax between sessions. In contrast to the white walls, bold accent colors were used: a deep purple Masland rug, our own Salsa sofa in maple with orange velvet cushions and Harry Bertoia lounge chairs with violet cotton covers bring additional warmth.

The ebullience of the “Living Room” was later recreated in miniature as a portable trade-show booth for Groupe JS to present their clothing lines around the country.

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