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Balance a foundation budget with a world-renown artist's practical and artistic needs.

These foundation offices serve as the American base for the international opera and stage director, Robert Wilson. Housed on the fourth floor of a Soho warehouse, economy of means and minimal detailing were critical to establishing the identity of the office/archive.

Reception and meetings occur near the front entry, which also has a large open display area. Circulation runs around the perimeter of the remaining open-office environment, allowing the entire staff to share light from the eastern window wall. Interior partitions were made of sandblasted glass and created private workstations without limiting the natural light transmission. Located at the south and western edges of the space, the archive and library were designed accommodate expansion for the ever-growing collection of Robert Wilson artifacts. To economize, we utilized existing ceiling light-fixture trays which were rotated upward and reorganized in a new pattern. The lighting choice, coupled with specifying low pile industrial carpet to conceal the patched wood floors, helped to keep the budget for a 2,500SF office reasonable for a non-profit institution.

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